7 Best Podcast Marketing Agencies in 2024

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Need expert marketing for your podcast? We’ve rounded up the 7 best podcast marketing agencies in 2024 to help you find the ideal partner.

Podcasts are booming, and standing out in the crowded market can be tough. That’s where we come in. 

At Earworm, we live and breathe podcasts. Our team has been working in the podcast space for years, helping shows grow their audience and achieve their goals. We know the ins and outs of podcast marketing, and we’re excited to share our knowledge with you.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the seven best podcast marketing agencies in 2024. These agencies are the cream of the crop, each bringing something unique to the table. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, these agencies can help take your show to the next level.

Our team at Earworm has curated this list based on our industry experience and deep connections in the podcasting world. We’ve seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t. Trust us, these agencies know their stuff. Ready to find out who made the cut?

What are podcast marketing agencies?

Podcast marketing agencies help you spread the word about your show, grow your audience, and keep listeners coming back for more. These agencies know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to promoting podcasts.

They offer a range of services, from social media promotion to securing guest spots on popular shows. They can help with ad placements, creating buzz around new episodes, and even refining your branding. Some agencies focus on getting your podcast featured on top platforms, while others might specialise in audience engagement or SEO.

Think of them as your podcast’s marketing department. They handle the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on what you do best: creating great content. With their help, your podcast can reach new heights, attracting listeners and building a loyal fanbase.

If you need help with podcast marketing, get in touch with us at Earworm. We’re here to make your podcast shine and reach its full potential!

1. Earworm

First up on our list of the best podcast agencies is us, Earworm! We’re a team of podcast enthusiasts who live and breathe this stuff. Our mission? To make your podcast a hit and connect you with listeners who’ll love what you’re doing.

Imagine your podcast popping up in all the right searches. That’s our SEO magic at work. We dig deep into keyword research and tweak everything to boost your visibility. On social media, we create buzz with campaigns that get people talking and tuning in.

Ever wondered how to get top-notch leads? Our PPC campaigns do just that with smart ads and optimised landing pages. And content? We’ve got you covered with blog posts, articles, and videos that keep your audience coming back for more.

We know email marketing can be a game-changer. That’s why we craft campaigns that build strong relationships and drive conversions. Our influencer marketing connects your podcast with the right voices to boost your credibility and reach.

Our secret sauce? Turning casual visitors into loyal listeners through conversion rate optimisation. Plus, we keep your brand’s online reputation sharp and trustworthy.

At Earworm, we know what it takes to make a podcast successful. Let us handle the marketing while you focus on creating amazing content. 

Ready to take your podcast to the next level? Book your free 30-minute strategy call with us now. You’ll get a personalised plan to turn your podcast into a profitable venture. No obligations, just pure value.

2. Wavelength Creative

Next, we have Wavelength Creative, Australia’s top podcast agency for brands, businesses, and government. If you’re looking to stand out in the crowded podcasting space, Wavelength Creative is the place to go. They’ve been producing podcasts since 2009, long before many others jumped on the bandwagon.

Wavelength Creative knows that having a great podcast is only part of the puzzle. Getting listeners is the real challenge. They’ve launched 23 podcasts that hit the Top 10 on Apple Podcasts and racked up over 5 million minutes of listening time. With multiple industry awards under their belt, including wins at the Australian Podcast Awards and SABRE Awards, they’ve got the credentials to back up their expertise.

Their process starts with a marketing workshop to define your target audience, goals, and budget. They use two strategies: Fishing and Archery. Fishing targets existing podcast listeners with effective channels like in-app ads and host reads on similar shows. Archery, on the other hand, uses PR and interest-based targeting to convert non-listeners by highlighting both the content and how to access it.

For instance, their campaign for the University of Melbourne’s podcast ‘Expert Hack’ grew the audience by an impressive 9,572%. They did this by combining in-app podcast banner ads and live reads (Fishing) with a PR and social media campaign that educated non-listeners (Archery).

With clients like Microsoft, Uber, and Spotify, Wavelength Creative knows how to create and execute podcast marketing strategies that work. They’re experts at making your podcast stand out and attract a loyal audience.

3. Caspian Studios

Say hello to Caspian Studios, where podcast marketing is an art, and your show is the masterpiece. They’re all about making your podcast stand out and spark conversations.

Caspian Studios know how to develop audience targets and create awesome marketing materials that hit the mark. They take care of getting your podcast published everywhere, making sure it’s available on all major platforms and websites. Their paid growth marketing gives every episode a boost, using a variety of channels to reach more listeners.

What’s cool about them? They’ve got 65+ podcasts in production, with millions of listeners tuning in worldwide. Big names like Intel, Slack, Zoom, and IBM trust Caspian Studios with their podcasts.

They believe in the power of podcasts to change lives, spread information, and get people talking. Podcasts are a hands-free, screen-free way to connect with great content, perfect for our busy lives.

If you’re after a team that’s passionate about podcasts and knows how to make yours shine, we think that Caspian Studios is a great choice. They’ll help you build an audience from day one and keep your listeners engaged with remarkable content.

4. Mags Creative

One of our favourite podcast advertising agencies, Mags Creative are all about getting your podcast heard by millions, reaching the top of the charts regularly. How? They put podcast promotion, marketing, and audience growth at the heart of everything they do.

Their team is packed with podcast marketing pros who constantly adapt strategies to boost your audience. Each campaign is designed to grow listenership episode by episode, series by series.

Mags Creative works closely with digital and print media to get features, host interviews, and round-ups. For paid advertising, they mix programmatic spot ads with creative partnerships to reach the right listeners.

They’re also experts in cross-promotion. By understanding your target audience, they find cross-promotional opportunities with shows that have similar listeners. They even secure guest appearances on major podcasts to build awareness of your show.

Want to be seen on major platforms? Mags Creative works to get editorial coverage and boost on-platform visibility. They also create engaging social media assets like audiograms and video clips that turn social media followers into loyal listeners.

With clients like PayPal, Facebook, eBay, and Spotify, Mags Creative is a multi-award-winning podcast production and promotion powerhouse. Ready for your podcast to hit new heights? Mags Creative has the passion and know-how to make it happen.

5. Bester Capital Media

Bester Capital Media from Dubai knows how to make your podcast shine. They’re experts in podcast marketing services, helping your show reach listeners all around the globe.

They’re experts in voice marketing, especially for B2B podcasts. From the start, they craft a thorough launch plan, handling everything from selecting guests to building buzz before your first episode even airs. Their eye for detail ensures your podcast always sounds top-notch and keeps listeners hooked.

Promotion is where they excel. Bester Capital Media designs sleek, modern landing pages that drive engagement and make it easy for your audience to find and follow your show. Their SEO strategies use clever keywords and catchy titles to boost your podcast’s ranking.

Targeted ads on social media, Google, and YouTube put your content in front of the right people. They also transform your audio into captivating videos with graphics and animations, broadening your reach.

Nestle and RTA have seen great results with Bester Capital Media. We trust them to grow your podcast and connect you with more listeners. They know their stuff!

6. The Podcast Guys

The Podcast Guys are an absolute joy to work with. They truly know how to make your podcast pop. As a top podcast marketing agency, their fun and engaging approach sets them apart from the crowd.

They start by getting to know your podcast inside and out through discovery sessions and onboarding. They then dive into audience research, competitor analysis, and market positioning to craft a strategy that’s just right for your goals and budget.

What’s really cool about them? They don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Each podcast is unique, and they treat it that way. Some might need a full relaunch with new artwork, events, and sponsorship deals. Others might benefit more from targeted media exposure and press access. They create bespoke marketing and PR strategies that fit perfectly with your podcast’s needs.

Their goal is to boost your brand awareness, increase your reach, and make sure your podcast is heard everywhere. They’ve worked with big names like Yakult, Next, and Fisher German, showing they know their stuff. Plus, they’ve got offices in the UK and the US. They’re truly a global team!

We love how The Podcast Guys amplify awareness and grow businesses through the power of voice. They make sure your podcast gets on all the major platforms and reaches the right audience. If you’re looking for a creative, energetic, and super-effective podcast advertising agency, these are your guys!

7. Podium Podcast Co.

Last on our list, but definitely a standout, is Podium Podcast Co. These folks know how to make your podcast soar. They’re experts at transforming your podcast concept or existing show into something that really grabs those “earballs.”

Podium works with universities, not-for-profits, and storytellers to create podcasts that people can’t stop listening to. They’ve got a knack for branding and producing content that hits the mark. What really sets them apart is their use of analytics. They dig deep into the data to craft strategies and campaigns that drive growth and keep listeners coming back.

We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Podium’s magic in action. They start by getting a solid understanding of your goals and the podcast landscape. Then, they use their unique insights to build a plan that not only meets your objectives but takes them to a whole new level. And the best part? They stick with you, tweaking the strategy as your podcast evolves.

Promotion is Podium’s playground. From getting your podcast on major platforms like Apple, Spotify, and Google to creating killer content strategies and engaging social media plans, they’ve got it all covered. Their background in various marketing channels means they know how to get your podcast noticed.

With clients like Stanford University, the University of British Columbia, and Dale Carnegie, Podium has a proven track record. We love their innovative approach and believe they have what it takes to make your podcast a hit.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about podcast marketing agencies

Do you still have questions about podcast marketing agencies? Check out our FAQs to get all the answers you need.

Idea Generation Podcast

Are podcast marketing agencies worth it?

Yes, we’d say that podcast marketing agencies are worth it! They can boost your reach, grow your audience, and handle all the promo work. They know the best strategies to make your podcast grow.

How do you make your podcast go viral?

To make your podcast go viral, create great content, engage with your audience, and promote heavily on social media. Collaborate with influencers and other podcasters. Consistency and quality are key.

What is the average cost for a 30-second advertisement on a podcast with 1000 listeners?

On average, a 30-second ad costs around £20 to £25 per 1,000 listeners. Rates can vary based on the podcast’s popularity and niche.

How do podcasts make money?

Podcasts make money through ads, sponsorships, listener donations, premium content, and merchandise sales. Building a loyal audience is crucial for monetisation.