How to Get (and Where to Find) Podcast Sponsors in 2024

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Are you looking to monetize your podcast this year? We’re here to share where to find podcast sponsors and how to pitch them successfully.

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Getting podcast sponsors might feel like a huge task, but it’s totally doable. At Earworm, we’ve been there and done that, helping podcasters just like you connect with awesome sponsors. We’re excited to share our tips and tricks to make this process easier for you.

Sponsors can really take your podcast to the next level. They bring in cash and give your show a professional edge. With our experience, we can help you navigate this world with confidence and success.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting podcast sponsors in 2024. From getting your podcast sponsor-ready to finding the perfect match and keeping them happy, we’ll cover it all. 

What are podcast sponsors and why are they important?

So, what is a podcast sponsorship? It’s when a company or individual gives your podcast money in exchange for promoting their product or service. Think of it as a partnership where both sides benefit. You get the funds to keep your show going, and they get exposure to your audience.

Podcast sponsors are super important. They help cover your costs like equipment and hosting fees, and can even give you extra cash to put back into your show. Plus, having sponsors can make your podcast look more legit and attract even more listeners.

At Earworm, we know how game-changing podcast sponsorships can be. They give you the financial boost to focus on what you love—creating great content. 

Ready to learn how to find podcast sponsors and level up your podcast? Let’s dive in.

How to prepare your podcast for sponsors

Getting your podcast ready for sponsors is all about making it shine. Here’s how to do it:

  • Know your audience: Think about who’s tuning in. Are they young professionals, fitness enthusiasts, or maybe tech geeks? Knowing your audience helps you find sponsors who want to reach them.
  • Consistent quality: Good audio is a must. Invest in a decent mic and spend some time editing. A clear, professional sound shows sponsors you mean business.
  • Engaging content: Keep your listeners hooked. Talk about topics they love, bring in interesting guests, and stick to a regular schedule. Engaged listeners are gold for sponsors.
  • Strong online presence: Be visible! A neat website, active social media, and a growing email list make you look pro. Trust us, sponsors want to see you’ve got multiple ways to shout out their brand.
  • Metrics and analytics: Know your numbers. Track downloads, listener demographics, and engagement. This data is your selling point to show sponsors why your podcast is a great match for them.

By knowing your audience, keeping quality high, and showcasing your reach, you’ll be ready to impress any sponsor.

Crafting a winning sponsorship pitch

Crafting a winning sponsorship pitch is all about making a genuine connection. You want to show potential sponsors why your podcast is the perfect match for their brand. Let’s explore how you can create a pitch that makes sponsors excited to partner with you.

First, start with a friendly introduction. Mention who you are, what your podcast is about, and why you’re reaching out. Be genuine and let your enthusiasm for your podcast shine through. People respond to passion and authenticity.

Next, explain what your podcast sponsorship is and why it’s valuable. Share some key details about your audience, like their demographics and interests. Highlight what makes your listeners special and why they would be interested in the sponsor’s product or service.

Then, share some impressive stats about your podcast. Mention your download numbers, listener engagement, and any notable milestones. If you have positive testimonials from listeners or previous sponsors, include them. This builds credibility and shows that your podcast has a dedicated and engaged audience.

After that, outline what you’re offering. Be clear about the different sponsorship packages available, what each includes, and how they benefit the sponsor. This could be ad spots, social media mentions, or special episodes dedicated to the sponsor. Make sure each package offers value and aligns with what you know your audience will appreciate.

Wrap up your pitch by expressing your excitement about the potential partnership and suggest a follow-up meeting or call to discuss further. Make it easy for them to get in touch with you. Thank them for considering your podcast and leave the door open for future conversations.

Example sponsorship pitch template

We’ve created a helpful template to guide you in crafting a winning sponsorship pitch. Use this as a starting point to tailor your pitch and make it uniquely yours.

Hi [Sponsor’s Name],

I’m [Your Name], the host of [Your Podcast]. We’ve built an amazing community around [topic/genre], and I’m reaching out because I think [Sponsor’s Name] would be a fantastic partner for our show.

[Your Podcast] is all about [brief description of your podcast]. We explore [specific topics], and our listeners love it because [reasons why your podcast is unique]. A podcast sponsorship is where you support our show, and we promote your brand to our engaged audience. This partnership helps us keep creating great content while giving your brand exposure to listeners who trust our recommendations.

Our podcast reaches [number] listeners every month, mostly [demographic details]. Our audience is passionate about [related interests] and always on the lookout for [types of products/services related to sponsor]. They’re highly engaged, with [any specific engagement metrics like social media interactions, email open rates, etc.].

In the past year, our download numbers have doubled, and we’ve received fantastic feedback from our audience. Here’s what a few listeners have said: “This podcast is amazing because [testimonial 1].” “I never miss an episode! [testimonial 2].”

We offer several sponsorship options to fit your needs: mid-roll ad spots, social media shoutouts, and dedicated episodes. Each package is designed to maximize your brand’s exposure and engagement with our audience.

I’m really excited about the possibility of partnering with [Sponsor’s Name]. Let’s set up a call to chat about how we can make this partnership awesome. 

Thanks for considering [Your Podcast] for your sponsorship needs. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

[Podcast Website]

[Social Media Links]

How to create a professional media kit

Creating a professional media kit for your podcast is like giving your show a superpower. It’s a document that showcases all the important details about your podcast and why sponsors should be excited to partner with you.

Here’s how to make an awesome media kit:

  • Friendly introduction: Share who you are, what your podcast is about, and what makes it unique. Let your enthusiasm shine through. This helps sponsors get a feel for your show’s personality.
  • Audience details: Describe your listeners. Who are they? What are their ages, interests, and other relevant demographics? This info shows sponsors you know your audience and can help them reach the right people.
  • Key stats: Highlight your podcast’s numbers. Include download figures, average listens per episode, and social media followers. Mention any impressive milestones or growth trends. Numbers prove your podcast’s value and reach.
  • Testimonials: Include quotes from listeners or past sponsors. Real feedback adds credibility and shows that people value your content.
  • Sponsorship packages: Describe the different sponsorship options you offer, like mid-roll ads, social media shoutouts, or dedicated episodes. Be clear about what each package includes and how it benefits the sponsor.
  • Personal touch: Add a high-quality photo of yourself and your podcast logo. This makes your media kit visually appealing and helps sponsors remember you.
  • Contact information: Make sure your contact details are easy to find. Include your email, phone number, and links to your website and social media profiles. Invite sponsors to reach out and discuss how you can work together.

At Earworm, we’ve seen how a great media kit can open doors to fantastic sponsorships. By presenting your podcast professionally and clearly, you make it easy for sponsors to say yes. 

Where to find podcast sponsors

Finding podcast sponsors might seem tricky at first, but there are plenty of great places to look. As a podcast booking agency, we’ve helped many podcasters connect with sponsors. Here are some avenues that are particularly effective.

Podcast networks

Podcast networks are a fantastic starting point. These networks group multiple podcasts, which makes it easier for sponsors to find shows that fit their target audience. 

Being part of a network can increase your visibility and credibility. Networks like Wondery and Earwolf are well-known for connecting podcasters with sponsors. 

Joining a network often provides access to a larger pool of advertisers and can streamline the sponsorship process. This makes it simpler to attract and manage sponsor relationships.

Social media

Social media is another powerful tool for finding sponsors. Platforms like Instagram, X, and LinkedIn can help you connect directly with potential sponsors. 

Showcase your podcast’s engagement by sharing listener statistics, testimonials, and behind-the-scenes content. Use hashtags related to your podcast’s niche to increase visibility. 

We recommend engaging with brands that align with your content by commenting on their posts or tagging them in relevant content. This can catch their attention and open up opportunities for collaboration.

Industry events

Industry events are goldmines for finding sponsors. Conferences, trade shows, and podcasting meetups provide excellent networking opportunities.

Events like Podcast Movement, Podfest, and industry-specific conferences allow you to meet brand representatives face-to-face. We’d advise preparing an elevator pitch and bringing business cards or media kits to share. 

Personal interactions at these events can make your pitch more memorable and impactful, increasing the chances of securing sponsorship deals.

Sponsorship marketplaces

Sponsorship marketplaces are dedicated platforms where podcasters and sponsors can connect. Websites like Podcorn and simplify the process of finding and managing sponsorship deals. 

These platforms allow you to create a profile for your podcast, list available sponsorship opportunities, and browse potential sponsors. They also provide tools to negotiate and manage sponsorship agreements. In turn, this makes it easier to find the right match for your show.

Direct brand outreach

In our opinion, one of the best ways to find a sponsor for a podcast is through direct brand outreach. It can be incredibly effective when done right.

Start by researching companies that align with your podcast’s theme and audience. Look for brands that have sponsored similar content or show an interest in your niche. 

Craft a personalised pitch explaining why their brand would be a perfect fit for your listeners. Highlight your podcast’s unique value and how a sponsorship could benefit them. 

Make sure to personalise each pitch to show you’ve done your homework and genuinely believe in the potential partnership.

How to maintain strong sponsor relationships

Maintaining strong sponsor relationships is crucial for your podcast’s success.  We’ve got some great tips to keep your sponsors happy and eager to keep working with you.

  • Communicate regularly: Keep the lines open and honest. Provide regular updates on sponsorship performance, share listener feedback, and discuss any needed adjustments. This shows you value their investment and are committed to delivering results.
  • Deliver on promises: Stick to the agreed ad placements or mentions. Consistency builds trust and reliability. If something unexpected comes up, inform your sponsor immediately and offer a solution. Transparency helps maintain trust.
  • Share success stories: If a sponsorship campaign is doing well, let your sponsor know. Share metrics like increased website traffic, higher sales, or more social media engagement. Positive results reinforce the value of their investment.
  • Be personal: Remember birthdays, company milestones, or product launches, and acknowledge them with a quick note or shoutout. Small gestures show you care about their success and see them as more than just a revenue source.
  • Be open to feedback: Ask your sponsors how they feel about the partnership and if there’s anything they’d like to see done differently. This openness improves the current relationship and helps tailor future sponsorships to better meet their needs.

Strong sponsor relationships are built on trust, communication, and mutual benefit. By keeping these principles in mind, you can create partnerships that last and grow with your podcast.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about podcast sponsorship

Need answers about how to find podcast sponsors? Our FAQs have got you covered.

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How much do sponsors pay for podcasts?

Podcast sponsorship rates can vary widely. On average, sponsors pay £18-25 per 1,000 listens for a 30-second ad and £25-50 per 1,000 listens for a 60-second ad. Rates can be higher for podcasts with niche audiences or high engagement.

How many listeners do you need to get sponsors on a podcast?

You can start getting sponsors with as few as 500-1,000 regular listeners. Trust us, many sponsors look for podcasts with a dedicated, engaged audience rather than just large numbers.

Is it easy to find sponsorships for podcasts?

Finding sponsorships can be challenging but totally doable. Building a strong listener base, creating a professional media kit, and reaching out to potential sponsors directly or through networks can make the process easier. Being proactive and showcasing your podcast’s value is key!